BOUJEE is dietary supplement alcohol alternative made with 100% natural herbs and botanicals that support calmness, relaxation and stress relief. BOUJEE is like drinking an artisan cocktail or fine wine! We blended BOUJEE with herbs that not only support calming + relaxation but botanicals with loads of antioxidants and polyphenols that benefit your health. BOUJEE is great for after work, parties or alone when you just need to take the edge off and enjoy a bit of escape or relaxation. BOUJEE makes the perfect drink alternative rather than having a hangover and sugar overload!
  • Take 2 leveled spoonful’s as desired
  • 100% natural herbal dietary supplement
  • 77 servings. 3.52 oz (100g)

Aronia Berry, Passion Flower, Shisandra Berry, Jujube Date, Acai Berry, Beetroot


Let’s get BOUJEE not BOOZY!

Take the
BOUJEE High Road

BOUJEE walk of fame or the BOOZY walk of shame? We’ve all done it. But with BOUJEE there’s no alcohol goggles so you won’t wake up next to a regretful one-night stand in the morning. We call that the BOUJEE high road!

Naturally Take
the Edge Off

We get it. You want a cocktail or glass of wine after work to relax. BOUJEE is the perfect drink alternative so you can take the edge off and relax without alcohol. BOUJEE calms and relaxes with 100% natural herbs and botanicals with an array of additional health benefits!

A Better Choice with

BOUJEE is the perfect choice for a stressful day, unwinding, socializing or just Netflix and chilling. Consider BOUJEE your friend or perhaps a reward! It’s always there when you need it, plus who doesn’t like benefiting their health at the same time? BONUS!

Take the Edge Off with BOUJEE!

100% natural dietary supplement alcohol alternative for calming + relaxing

Take the Edge Off with BOUJEE!

100% natural dietary supplement alcohol alternative for calming + relaxing

Key Active Proprietary Blend:
  • Aronia Berry
  • Passion Flower
  • Shisandra Berry
  • Acai Berry
  • Jujube Date
  • Beetroot


Keeping it classy and alcohol free has never been easier with BOUJEE

  • No Hangover
  • No Regretful Behavior
  • Feel Calm + Relaxed
    without the Booze!
  • Melt Away Stress

Bamford and Wolfe raw supplements Versus pills

Bamford and Wolfe
Raw Supplements

Our unique raw loose supplements are much more effective than capsules or pills as they absorb instantly in your system, providing you with better support! You can also see exactly what you are getting, 100% active herbs and botanicals. You’ll never see bulking agents in our supplements like magnesium sterate, silicon dioxide or rice flour. Simply put, that means you get a supplement that actually works!


may contain

  • magnesium sterate
  • silicon dioxide
    or rice flour


Taste the Notes + Feel the Benefits

Aronia Berry

Sun ripe berry notes. They're rich vitamin C, and powerful antioxidants that are great for the heart and immune system.

Shisandra Berry

Bitter herbal notes. It’s traditionally used for stress and anxiety plus boosting the body’s natural immune defenses.

Jujube Date

Earthy notes, similar to wine. Loaded with vitamins and minerals with antioxidant and immune-boosting properties.


Earthy sweet notes. Associated with improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and increased exercise performance.

Acai Berry

Floral/fruit notes. Contains properties which are thought to protect cell damage, lower blood sugar & stimulate the immune system.

Passion Flower

Floral honey notes. This herb is known to increase (GABA) in the brain, a natural feel-good chemical that makes you relaxed.

Alcohol Alternative Support 3.52 oz (100g)



Frequently Asked Questions

Whisk together 2 leveled spoonful’s in 5 oz of water and enjoy as a drink with ice. Or take as a shot to relax in 1 oz of water on an empty stomach.
We like 1/2 teaspoon of maple syrup, muddled orange slices and topped with sparkling water. Serve with ice. The drink possibilities are endless, we encourage you to experiment with BOUJEE and send us pictures with your suggestions!
BOUJEE takes about 20-30 minutes for you to feel the calm + relax, just as with alcohol but since BOUJEE is a natural dietary herbal supplement results vary from person to person. It may take more time for you to feel the effects of BOUJEE.
Yes! BOUJEE is the perfect drink alternative to help if you are trying to drink less, plus with BOUJEE there’s no hangover or toxic health effect associated with alcohol.
Each jar of BOUJEE is enough for 77 drinks or shots. Now that’s a bargain assuming your average glass of wine, shot or cocktail in the USA is about $5-15!
BOUJEE tastes like a fine wine or artisan cocktail with fruity herbal notes. If you don’t like the taste you can always take BOUJEE as a supplement shot in 1 oz of water and get your relax on!

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